Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Letter Sent to Delta Re: Development Application

Mr. John Hopkins, Planner
The Corporation of Delta
Community Planning & Development Department
4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta, B.C., V4k 3E2

July 2, 2009

Dear Mr. Hopkins,

Re: Rezoning Application at 10625 Delsom Crescent, Delta File No. LU005752

I am writing to express my concerns for the recent development application received by your department for the amended Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 to allow in ground basements for the 88 properties behind ours and my neighbor’s homes. I and many of my neighbors petitioned, argued and discussed at public hearings to make the Delsom Estates into a neighborhood friendly development. When we attended these meetings both the Planning Department, Council and the developer were explicit in their replies that these proposed homes were designed as single family homes, that the design agreed upon would not permit the addition of an in ground basement. The Municipality, the Community Planning Department, and Pacific Land Group were all in agreement that for a livable and sustainable community that in ground basements were not suitable for this development.

The proposed amendment to Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 to allow in ground basements changes all that. This proposed change is a stamp of approval for our new neighbors to build suites in their homes. The homes along 108th and were built with out in ground basements, but with zoning for “storage” or “crawl” space only. The same zoning your department, Council and the developer agreed upon. Is it fair that a small elite segment of the Delsom development gets a fully functioning basement? An in ground space that will no doubt allow for a suite, in the homes along Modesto Place, Delsom Crescent, and Delsom Place.

The zoning changes to the 88 lots in the Delsom Estates removes them entirely from all the other regulations to which every home in Delta is subject. These homes will be an oddity in the area, something which defects the purpose of Delta having zoning regulations.

The existing community of Canterbury Heights is all ready and will continue to be greatly impacted by the new development and now you wish to reshape the development to meet the needs of the developer and a finicky real estate market. Proposed by the developer and in agreement with Municipal Council over 35 homes alone will be built behind our home. That is a possibility and an estimate only of 55 cars parked in the Modesto Place cul de sac and most likely similar to 108th Ave. where all the residents’ cars can not be easily accommodated in their own driveways and now parking must overflow on to the street. Additional traffic congestion from the Delsom Estates was a major concern for our neighbors. If this application is approved, it will only welcome more traffic into the surrounding area.

I am very disappointed in how you and your department have handled the communication of this proposed amendment. Once again Delta and the Planning Department have slid back a few steps and left the stake holders out of the loop. Your department’s choice of placement of Community Planning & Development signage is questionable. The two development signs near my home are on the developers land, a great distance away from pedestrian and vehicle access & viewing. I understand that the developer caught you in a loop hole on having to put the signage on their land, and this technically excludes the gas line. You still could have found a better placement for the applicant’s signs. Very few of the local residents will ever see the notice for the amendment application. The signs are on private property and we all know you can’t trespass on Dennis Elsom/Delsom land.

To reiterate, I wish that Council and the Community Planning and Development Department reject this proposal from the developer and suggest that the developer build what was originally agreed upon during the public consultation process.

Yours sincerely

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